ogMake logoogMake allows you to make and build your component or database in a snap. ogMake fully works after an analyse of the host "buildApp.4DSettings" (build folder name, options for CS, mono, component...).

Only in EN. Dependencies: ogKrolific

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Make means zip your database folder, adding date and version to the name, and "SRC" for the source. ie ogColours will give: 2023-0112 ogColours 2.2.00 SRC.zip. Easy for version archive. 

Then it makes the build, and add Macro V2, info.plist, eventually the web folder addressed into the build file, and eventually launch a method in your host if given, to let you do additional stuff !

It finishes with the notary process: signing, ditto, notarytool, and staple. The icon displayed is from Resources/pictures/logo_product.png if any, or a generic icon is used.

Very easy to use, especially for components!


ogMake mindnode architecture


Make full build

ogMake full build

Make for "How Do I"

ogMake How Do I

Make Quick Notary

ogMake Quick notary