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Tired using photoshop for each button, one by one, then update folders by hand ?

Use Oviyam and create projects, attach paths to your 4D applications resources folders, import your project’s buttons, create banks of buttons based on icons and a set of parameters, and… use our shape generator engine, for icons and buttons.

Finally update one or all of your resources folders in one click !

You can have projects for generic buttons and for specific buttons to each database. You prepare different projects for your buttons and you test them in a snap. Really astonishing! 

You will be able to easily manage:

  • a repository for all your picts, icons, images, in one place

  • banks to create and store sets of “4 states” buttons (in 4D format)

  • links and update all your 4D database products in one click.

Oviyam is provided filled with material design icons from google, and use ogColours and its color palettes. This tool helps you managing your project's databases in your computer, then deals for creating all media contents (buttons, images) organised in Packages, Banks, Banks_sets, Buttons, Pictures. And in one click, you change all your medias or some of them.

It then manages a kind of log table for updates where you describe your modifications in one you did them (becoming the master), and where it has been or has to be reported.

At last, it lets you sign, notarize, staple very easily in one click (all informations being given to the Products table).

Only EN. It uses all our components, like ogKrolific, ogColours, ogTools, ogTaguthi, ogBoxes, ogSvgWidgets, ogDevTools, and for development also ogDevTools, ogMake. You can see them in action in this product.

Oviyam is made in 4D v19 R7, for Mac and PC, see 4D certification matrice for that. When you launch Oviyam for the first time, you get a Trial for 60 days.

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Oviyam Architecture


See in action:

  • ogTaguthi in the "qualifier" mode for Type (widget for search and display path in listbox)
  • ogColours for all colours and the pattern for the type widget empty (selectable)
  • ogBoxes on the top right with the widget telling you there are 14 files for the table [Products]

Oviyam Product


See in action:

  • ogTools for the shape manager with the buttons calculated at right
  • ogBoxes on the top right with the widget telling you there is no files for this record [Packs]

Oviyam Packs


Oviyam Banks


It uses ogNotarize for this 3 tables notary and log manager for your [Products].

Oviyam Notarytool

Gnânam updates

See in action:

  • ogTaguthi in the "todo" mode at left, associated to a set of [Products]
  • ogDevTools widget "wod_gnanam" at right, to display the Gnânam database explorer for the selected on the listbox header coloured buttons.

Oviyam Gnânam update