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ogKrolific is our licensing system. It provides some common methods for registration and for preferences files manager.

ogKrolific includes libraries, like "sounds" filled with a big set of alert sounds (from our metronome android app!), and you can generically define and ask in your host for "progress", "warning", "ok", "error". 

  • Module "app" for application layer
  • Module "bit" and "bits"
  • Module "num"
  • Module "prefs" to manage prefs json files in a snap
  • Module "sounds" to have sounds for alert, and generic for "done", "error", "progress", "random", "warning". 

It must be installed with all our paid components, ie for all other ogTools suite components.

Localised in EN, FR. Mandatory for ogDevTools, ogMake, ogTools, ogBoxes, ogTaguthi, ogColours, ogSvgWidgets.

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A library of methods

ogKrolific methods