ogColours logoogColours is our colours low level manager, with rgb and indexed space colors (MD, 4D, SVG, RALe, Pantone Short, Pantone). 

The use of indexed colors gives a real flavour and touch to your databases: 4D is 4D, MD is bright and efficient, SVG is standard, RALe is smooth and soft, Pantone Short is short and efficient, and Pantone is complete.

It proposes ready to use widgets and colours picker, and menus, and the common needs for color’s treatments!

The Stroke and Fill part of a longint colors can have different spaces and the colors editor will resize when you flip form one space to the other to keep squared samples. Even the change in stroke and fill manages an eventual swap from a space to an other.

It includes library for rgb, colour, color, svg, and delicious patterns from hero patterns with the favorite's editor.

Localised in EN, FR. Dependencies: ogKrolific.

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colorsogColours colors picker form

  • Indexed colors advantage
    • Stroke Fill in one longint
    • Limited choice makes a taste in UI
    • With spaces, limitation is low
  • Methods library
    • Common
    • RGB
    • 4D & MD (deprecated, use the following)
    • New "woc_sp_" methods for Color and Colors
    • Miscellaneous
  • Longint
    • Color: Space, Index
    • Colors: Stroke: Space, Index ; Fill: Space, Index
  • Spaces, 16 possible (4 bits)
    • Existing: 0 md, 1 4d, 2 svg, 3 rale, 4 pans, 5 pant, and 10 more « User »
  • Index, 4096 values max (12 bits)
  • LazyLoad
    • Spaces: Auto, or Preload
    • Spaces conversion table: Auto, or Preload
  • Display & copy
    • Colors in format [0x0…], color and colors


  • Color: [0x0…] ; [sp:index] name ; values as Num, rgb(r,g,b), 0xrrggbb


  • all for rgb colour system associated with names from an eventual color's space.


Test form

Colour rgb, colourPicker, colors picker, widget, shapes...

ogColours widgets form


A pattern's widgets and Favorites editor is available.

ogColours Patterns