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ogTaguthi addresses the following questions. Have you never had the need of a recursive qualifier table, with all required widgets — select, search ? And for a “todo” recursive list (this main widget) and the three states query widget?

It can be used in two ways. One for recursive qualifier, where the foreign key is in your user table to ogTaguthi PMK, and as a todo list where the foreign key is from one ogTaguthi table dedicated field to your table PMK.

In both situations, you get all the possibilities with widgets for search, or edit, and methods to deal with the recursivity easily.

Localised in EN, FR. Dependencies: ogKrolific, ogColours.

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Uses as a qualifier (Products_Types)



Uses as a todo list (Gnana_taguthi)



Widgets, as a list, and as menus

ogTaguthi widgets

Widget access with menu

ogTaguthi menu