What about ogTools Suite How Do I? This 4D database is given as a source code to demonstrate what you can do with all our components.

They are included in this download in compiled, demo for 30 minutes.

Some of the panels are high level demonstration (Banners, Shapes, ogColours...), some are basic widgets placed on them. Then you get a Dashboard where you can see all the widgets of ogTools with all the properties you can modify directly. At last, there is a "Live demo" button where you can interact with our components in a real situation, and observe the code under the hood.

Please forgive us as the code is not up to date, no ORDA, some IP variables, this app written a long time ago has to be revisited! But all the code for our components uses the latest technologies ie objects and collections.

To use in v19 R6 minimum.

  folder Download



ogTools Suite Dashboard

IO panel

ogTools Suite IO panel

Shape panel

ogTools Suite Shape panel

Banners panel

ogTools Suite Banner panel

Live demo

ogTools Suite Live demo