Database schematicA map is not the territory, the territory is not the map.

The general semantics, by Alfred Korzybski.





Our vision of the Map of reality


  • A map is not the territory it represents: the words are not real objects, "dog" does not bite, etc... And this may seem trivial, but that has not appointed such a day or the other naming "mouse" the associated there with pointer appearing on the screen? The confusion between map and territory is a common phenomenon whose consequences occur when you do not expect it.
  • A map does not cover all the territory it represents: the symbol fails to describe all the attributes of the object it speaks about: how old is this chair? What mass that car? But how to be sure, before driving his reasoning, that what has been overlooked in this process of abstraction is just essential?
  • Any map is self-reflexive: we can construct a map of the map (the legend), speaking as a map of the object that the cartographer created.


Thus, our vision

The art of the architect database job is to match the map - management tool - with the territory - the customer's needs. The needs are analog and misshapen, the tool is a regular tables and fields, and it is to build a representation as closely as possible at an acceptable cost. The preliminary phase of understanding of the needs is paramount: assessing costly exceptions, and propose anything in return based on management generalised exception functionalities bring back ; thus, define the better customer value-cost.


Databases to your specifications

We design specific databases, and also design and publish vertical solutions called "business solution." For this, we fully trust the 4D product, which is used to its full capacity - thanks to its powerful language.

4D certificateOlivier Grimbert, the developer holds the certification issued by 4d. He also teaches ergonomics and digital design at “Les Ateliers, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Creation Industrielle”.

Specific Developments ; Solution business ; standalone ; Client-server ; Mac & PC

Design and ergonomic

When we design software tools in Protée, one of our major concerns is to design an ergonomic product, implemented and reflected for an everyday use. Our management tools are made in 4d but we implement our "know-how Protée" with our exclusive set of generic features.
Our tools grow on a common generic soil that make living products steadily.